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All necklaces are designed and handmade by Lily.  They all are made... 



All earrings are designed and made by Lily in her Atlanta studio.... 

Inspired by the earth

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Meet Lily Smith - CanvasRebel Magazine

"I would urge people to consider where they spend their dollar. Sometimes shopping at a big box store is unavoidable; we all have to do it. But if you have the opportunity and means to support someone directly in your community, I’d suggest you do it. You’re putting money in the hands of your neighbor (a real human being!) and you’re going to get a product or service that is so much more unique than anything you’ll find mass-produced."

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As Seen In VoyageATL

"I would recommend that all young women starting their journey ask for help! One of my favorite aspects of the craft community is how open makers are with one another. Ask successful makers for advice! You don’t have to do everything on your own! I know if I’ve found a successful approach to something I’ve been struggling with, I am always willing to share that knowledge with other artists." - Lily

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