Lily, here!

Lily, here!

Hi!  I'm Lily.

I make all the jewelry and books on this site and if you saw my booth at a festival, that was me behind the table (unless I ran off to the bathroom, then it was my husband Justin).

I live in Atlanta, GA with aforementioned husband and 2 kitties, Olive and Cabbage.  

Olive is a gray tabby that I adopted in college.  She's a little chubby, likes to roll around on her back and show off her polka dotted belly that you are, under no circumstances, allowed to touch, is very food-motivated, and is anxious when meeting new people.  We joke that she could never survive outside because the couple of times we've tried to let her enjoy the outdoors, she somehow manages to get herself in the WORST possible spot (like under the porch or on the roof) in about 2 minutes.

We got Cabbage as a kitten a few years ago (how is he already FOUR?!).  He's a petite little orange tabby that we joke is a forever boy.  He's very tiny and has a squeaky meow and LOVES to be held and has the loudest purr.  We carry him outside and don't actually think he knows that he can walk outside, which is fine by us because if he got out, he's so friendly, he'd probably go home with the first people he sees.  His favorite pastimes are curling up under a blanket (that we have to lift for him because he's kinda stupid) and jumping on Olive.

I started Lily Smith Studio after I left graduate school in 2015, and made it my full-time business in 2018.  I sell my work at Atlanta farmers markets and regional art festivals, as well as some handmade boutiques.  I also teach private enameling lessons out of my studio, as well as group workshops at a local store.  

At events, I get a lot of questions asking what materials I use to make my jewelry.  a lot of folks think my pieces are ceramic.  I thought I'd start this blog to share some information about my work (the colorful jewelry is enamel!), my business, and my life!  It won't be all about jewelry, I'll share new recipes I'm excited about, artists I'm inspired by, photos of my garden, and anything else I think y'all might be interested in!  

Thanks for being along for the ride,


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