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Lily Smith Studio

Private Lessons: Enameling

Love colorful jewelry?  Like to play with fire...literally?!  Join Lily for a private lesson in her studio at Guardian Studios at Echo Street West in Atlanta, GA.

In a two-hour session, you can use either a kiln or a torch to fuse the powdered glass enamel to the metal. As this is a private lesson, you have plenty of freedom to design and make a pair of earrings and a necklace in the colors you prefer. All the necessary materials are provided with the material fee already included in the price - that includes sterling silver ear wires/necklace chains, a variety of enamel colors, and different shape copper blanks.

Since this is a one-on-one lesson, we'll have lots of time to tailor the workshop to your specific needs.  Don't have pierced ears?  We can make necklaces!  Allergic to sterling silver?  We can use gold-filled ear wires.  If you have questions or concerned, please reach out to Lily by emailing

Choose from three fun classes: Basic Enameling, Graphite on Enamel, or Colorful Patterns.

Basic Enameling

In Basic Enameling, you will learn the principles of enameling, from how to properly clean your metal to fusing the glass. No prior jewelry-making experience is required, and you’ll walk away with a finished enamel necklace and pair of earrings at the end of class, all in the colors of your choice!

Graphite on Enamel

Gain the knowledge to create Lily's signature 'doodles', by enrolling in the Graphite on Enamel class. Learn the basics of enameling, as well as how to fuse a pencil drawing to the glass.  Even if you have not taken the Basic Enameling course, you can still attend.  You'll complete two pairs of earrings in this class.

Colorful Patterns

Lily will provide an overview of enameling techniques and guide you in creating unique patterns through the use of stencils in the Colorful Patterns class -- no prior experience with enameling is required.  You'll complete two pairs of earrings in this class.

While students are at Lily Smith Studio, they can take advantage of 20% all Lily’s current selection of jewelry and books.  

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