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Lily Smith Studio

ADD-ON: Gold-filled Ear Wires

Not a fan of silver?  More of a gold girl?

These gold-filled ear wires are the perfect solution!  They can replace any of the ear wires on dangly Lily Smith Studio earrings, and are the exact same shape as our sterling silver ear wires.

Gold-filled is NOT the same as gold-plated. Gold plated jewelry is covered in a thin layer of gold that often represents .05% of the overall piece.   With gold-filled jewelry, a thicker layer of gold is bonded to a core of sterling silver that results in a more resilient exterior that’s not prone to flaking or cracking.  Gold represents 5% of the piece in a gold-filled piece of jewelry.

To have the sterling silver ear wires replaced with these gold-filled ear wires, add both the earrings and the gold-filled ear wires to your cart, and I'll do the rest!  If you're purchasing multiple earrings, please include a note about which pair of earrings you'd like to have gold ear wires.

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